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What being a Young Achiever means

Jeremy Mapp
"I enjoy the recognition and support given to me as a Young Achiever. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given and appreciate everything Gateway Young Achievers has done for me." ~ Jeremy Mapp, 1996
"It gave me the confidence to continue to pursue my dreams." ~ Erin Conroy, 1997
Erin Conroy
Jason Lewis
"It challenged me to continue my efforts in and out of the classroom and to make community service a life-long commitment." ~ Jason Lewis, 1998
"The Young Achievers Program encouraged me to become more involved and maintain a positive attitude." ~ Jessica Plumart, 1999
Jessica Plumart
Zach Ebers
"It encouraged me to continue to work hard, to do my best and use my abilities to help my community." ~ Zach Ebers, 2000
"Being honored as a Gateway Young Achiever, I realized that being a good student, a good friend and leader was the key to success and happiness." ~ Kara Wheeler, 2000
Kara Wheeler
Marjorie Failoni
"It was one of the most important awards that I have ever received. The program impacts students in the entire region. I am encouraged to continue trying to be a good role model for others." ~ Marjorie Failoni, 2001
"Being selected as a Young Achiever meant that the values my parents, teachers and clergy leaders are instilling in me are preparing me for the future. This award taught me that I must put my education to practical use and be willing to take time to help others." ~ Jazzmine Booker, 2002
Jazzmine Booker
Alex Gavenda
"It's very nice to be included in a group of remarkable young people." ~ Alex Gavenda, 2003
"Young Achievers has influenced me to challenge myself and be the person I know I can be." ~ Lacey Lee Seiffertt, 2003
Lacey Lee Seifertt
Meghan Boitnott
"Being honored as a Young Achiever gave me confidence and self-esteem. It was validation that I am living my life the right way." ~ Meghan Boitnott, 2003
"The entire program was such a great experience. I met many wonderful people. I am humbled that I was chosen for it!" ~ Mariam Foltz, 2004
Mariam Foltz

"This is an amazing program. Being recognized was the extra push I needed to continue the never-ending job of helping those in need. I hope this program is always there to encourage young people." ~ Erin Barker, 2000

" My being honored as a Young Achiever has helped me numerous times to stand out in groups." ~ Joseph Carey, 1999

"It helped give me more confidence. It was one of the few times that I was recognized." ~ Alaina Carriel, 1999

"I learned the value of being a leader. I have acquired a hunger for helping others." ~ Hannah Dumey, 2002

"After two years, I still feel very honored to have received this award." Alexander Eklund, 2003 "Becoming a Gateway Young Achiever was fun. I will always remember it." ~ Julia Epplin-Zapt, 2003

"Receiving such an honor carries a responsibility to use one's talents to one's fullest potential. I carry this responsibility with me still, as I embark on my career." ~ Samantha Goodwin, 1997

"I was so honored to be chosen as a Young Achiever. Being recognized was an awesome feeling. I am so lucky to be part of this wonderful organization that inspires leadership in young people." ~ Krista Goszewski, 1999

"Being honored as a Young Achiever was an inspiring experience. It encouraged me to work herder at what I do. I always have a wonderful experience when I am involved with the Young Achievers program, and I am thankful for their interest." ~ Kristine Mezines, 2000

"It helped me understand what a gift education is. This honor showed me that it's cool to achieve in ways that our overindulgent pop culture might dismiss. It pushed me to stay on track and give thanks along the way." ~ Kelly Muncy, 1996

"Being honored helped me realize again that even though I have been blind since birth, I can still achieve all that I hope to in life." ~ Christine Parsons, 2002

"The Young Achievers award is a prestigious award that I will always remember and cherish. It makes me feel proud to be recognized for being a good kid." ~ Ryan Nikodem, 2003

"It provided me with a new found motivation to succeed. I knew that I had become the representative of a special group - one that expects me to embrace life's challenges and always strive to do my best." ~ Robert Schrautemeier, 2001

"Being a Young Achiever made me feel blessed. I realized I could achieve anything I set my mind to." ~ LaTesha Thomas, 1998

"Being acknowledged in such a way made me proud and even more determined to do things the right way every day and to be involved in what I enjoy and what I am good at." ~ Miles Toenyes, 2002

"I thought it was really exciting getting recognized for something that I love to do, which is help others. It was a big honor that I am very proud of myself for." ~ Adeline Wider, 2001

"I did not perform my services to the community for recognition. However, it feels great to get thanks and know that I helped in some small way." ~ Matt Wider, 1998


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